Fear Became Strength  

 What is the biggest fear in Indian society- Its Poverty? Or not knowing English language? “In the progressive and the acquisitive society not knowing English language is the biggest fear." 
Story of a Dheer Singh, who belong from far flung area in Rajasthan, “Jogipura” In his entire schooling journey he study in a Hindi Medium school where he learned the basic concept. His deep rotted educational background helps him to get admission in Indian most premier Engineering College NIT Kurukshetra.
In his engineering journey he came across with same fear i.e English in his entire schooling he had a terror for English subject but somehow he managed to secure the passing scores in English and he felt that he got freedom from his fear i.e English. But something different was written in his destiny.His biggest fear English, opened his wide arms and welcome Dheer Singh in his Engineering Journey
English marked as a black dot in his engineering grade book. It’s not only affected his grade but tormented him mentally.
He was determined to stood hard and face the challenge but success wasn\'t that easy. He pushed himself hard- attended all lectures, took the challenges like learn vocabs and created his own English to Hindi dictionary to get the entire concept but he was losing even while menacing.  His ranked dropped because of “English”.  A topper in school now was struggling to secure passing marks.
The enemy seemed impenetrable, testing the patience and perseverance of Dheer.
Low on confidence, Dheer decided to took the sword again and get to the root of problem and cut it from there. He definitely needed guidance in that and luckily, he came in touch with the Mr Lalit Beniwal.  Mr. Lalit, guided him to the root cause- improving his reading and writing skills instead of mugging the words.
Mr. Dheer, started building his learning from the very basic concept and then gradually moving to sentences, para phrasing and essays. He adopted a new mantra in life “Reading in English, Writing in English and Thinking in English”. Slowly he was on the path to success now he has written several papers for various conferences.
Dheer came across with the second biggest fear, Fear of people how to face people i.e “Public Speaking”
After completing his Engineering degree from NITK, he joined NTPC as a Engineering trainee with rigorous one year training program, he became the permanent employee in NTPC. During his career at NTPC, he have to deliver the project presentation in English, as usual his biggest fear “English” make him nervous and shivered. He started his presentation with wobbling tongue. The moderator was kind hearted he requested “Dheer” to deliver the entire presentation in Hindi. However, Mr Dheer was prepared to speak in English. He tried Hindi but could not speak. The judge suggested him to take some rest and prepare for some time. The turn was given to next candidate. After 1 hour he again started to speak but could not. He got lowest marks in that presentation.
He found his new enemy- "Public Speaking”
He started to gather his weapons to defeat the enemy. He started speaking in small gatherings, departmental presentations and knowledge sharing sessions. In the year 2019 he successfully defeated this enemy. He did 4 presentations to large gathering of different background listeners. He was the youngest speaker in a conference organised by Confederation of Indian