These courses are also providing industry ready workforce. Salaries are generally higher than the ITI cadre. Most of the polytechnic courses are engineering related. You can also take admission in engineering after completing these courses. You should choose these courses if you have logical mind and need quick jobs.
Polytechnic courses in India.
Below you can find the list of courses
1.	Diploma in Architectural Assistantship 3 years
2.	Diploma in Civil Engineering 3 years
3.	Diploma in Electrical Engineering 3 years
4.	Diploma in Instrumentation & Control 3 years
5.	Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 3 years
6.	Diploma in Information Technology 3 years
7.	Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering 3 years
8.	Diploma in Chemical Engineering 3 years
9.	Diploma in Dairy Engineering 3 years
10.	Diploma in Textile Technology 3 years
11.	Diploma in Glass and Ceramic Engineering 3 years
12.	Diploma in Leather Technology 3 years
13.	Diploma in Material Management 1-2 years
14.	Diploma in Commercial Practice 3 years
15.	Diploma in Interior Decoration & Design 1-3 years
16.	Diploma in Agriculture Engineering 2 years
17.	Diploma in Fashion Designing 1-3 years
18.	Diploma in Paint Technology 3 years
19.	Diploma in Plastic & Mould Technology 3 years

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