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UPSC: How to Achieve Maximum in Student life

 Shailesh Verma
2021-02-14 00:23:55

"UPSC demands a dedicated and committed student life"

Student life is the Golden period of life. During this period there is opportunity for learning and becoming what one dreamt of. So, if student life is managed carefully and guided properly, then one can realize the golden fruits of this period. A student should have following qualities in him/her:

Effort: Student should try hard to achieve his/her aim. Like, an eagle while flying keeps an eye on its prey and catches it without any fault. Similarly, a student should give 100% effort for learning and keep achieving his/her aims.

Focused: A student needs continuous focus on the target set. Like the heron bird stays calm and silent in water and waits for the fish to come nearby it, similarly, a student should keep on learning and keep on moving on the learning path.

Alert: A student should be alert at all times, like dog's sleep. Student's alertness should be targeted towards achieving his/her aim.

Good eating habit: Good diet and light food helps keep the students their focus on their path and reduces the risk of getting diverted from their target. Heavy and too much oily food affects both the health and also the focus and alertness of student.

A student should be ever ready to temporarily leave his/her near and dear ones, if the situation so demands. 

A student should realize that he/she is going through that phase of life where his/her whole future depends. A person's pride lies in quality, deeds and behaviour. Both internal and external development depends on the personality of a student. Wealth, knowledge, respect, designation, health, friendship is truly available and meant for those whose personality has developed and are on the right track. 

What social, emotional and physical changes occur during this age

If a student practices for good thoughts, good deeds, then these habits continue with him/her for the rest of their life. Student life is the period of extreme energy. This energy needs to be focused and put to right use. If not guided properly, then it may damage the student and the career. 

This age attracts towards immoral, wrong things such as pornography, alcohol, cigarette, abusive language etc. If the energy of the student is focused on these, then their is sureshot downfall of the student and rest of his/her life will be badly affected by it. 

Friends in this age should be selected carefully, and the social group of which a student is part of, should be positively focused and be of good personality and behaviour. 

Discipline is the backbone of a student's life. Most of the unsuccessful students are indisciplined in their personal life. They don't have other qualities such as effort, focus, alertness etc. Today's technology driven world has provided us with lots of good opportunities as well as dark holes. Selecting the right option is solely in the hands of student. 

Self dependence, helping others, good deeds, time management, mental balance, hard work, hygiene, positive thinking, discipline, healthy lifestyle and many others are the qualities which makes a student shine like a diamond. Practising these qualities would certainly help students to achieve a comprehensive future, i.e. a good and successful person.

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