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Preparing kids for Schools after Coronavirus pandemic

2020-11-08 00:48:36

The coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented situation in modern times. It is hard to gauge the full impact that the situation is having on children and young people’s mental Conditions. 
Return to school is important but we are not sure who is having corona in school. It is very important to make a holistic strategy for return. Although it is unclear when schools will open but when the decision will come we will not be in situation to send or stop our kids to school.
These 5 thing will come in mind while deciding about kids 
1.	What is more important education or life ?
Obvious answer is Life. But in this period of competitions we can not leave education apart so most of parents will try to send the kids to schools with all precautions.
2.	Is it safe for my kid to go to school?
Yes! Safety for kid is the first thing that will come in mind. Ensure all PPE, Avoid Public transport and enough instructions to kid is the solution. But these solutions will not fit to all kids. Students up to class 5 will not properly understand instructions properly so many parents will take decision for not sending their kids to school.
3.	What precautions will school management take?
School reopening should not be dangerous for kids, staff, teachers and their family members. Schools are planning to take following precautions for 
•	Social distancing during class and after class
•	Frequent sensitisation of school campus 
•	Staggering of school timing 
•	Compulsory PPE for kids, teachers and other staff
•	Water and hygiene facilities
4.	What should I do if my child has fallen behind?
Although many schools are taken steps for online education. But we are unsure how much our kids are learning. Only few kids doing self-learning. These little minds are not in the position to decide what is best for them. A good parent should support their kids during this period and kids will not fall behind.
5.	What to do for preparing kids for schools ?
All students are out of track and they forgotten all their schedules. A sudden push back to school can seriously damage the interest of kids so for preparing the kids for school we can follow few steps 
•	Start talking about school
•	Sleep routine
•	Be positive 
•	Make yourself available for kids  
•	Be mindful